Greyhound Review

I’ve heard horror stories about taking the greyhound; but besides some asshole digging his knees into the back of my chair and my first bus being an hour late – my first trip was surprisingly uneventful. I feared I would miss a bus or a stop, but I didn’t. Taking the greyhound isn’t as expensive […]

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Settling for Presented Truths

          Why do most people settle for the facts that are presented to them and make fun of any idea or fact that seems outlandish?  Why don’t more people go out and find their own truths?  Why not take notes and study?  Wouldn’t it be interesting to look at alternative facts and compare them […]

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Heroes Reborn

I was skeptical of Heroes Reborn at first, but it has actually been a pretty good ride so far.  It has its bumps, but the action and storyline have been decent.  I’m a little worried they might jump the shark at the end.  So far the series has been focusing on character development and getting […]

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A mistakortunity is when you make an opportunity out of a mistake.  Everyone messes up.  Why should we have to pay for it for longer than a few seconds?  Opportunities are everywhere.  Why not make the best of a messed up situation?  Most people wallow in the misery of making a mistake.  Mistakes are just […]

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