Major or Minor Annoyances – depending on your point of view #1

The older I get, it seems the easier I get annoyed.  Maybe it’s because I’m in the twenty-something-what-the-fuck-do-i-do-now phase. 
The use of the word faggot:  people think it adds edginess to whatever they’re saying.
In all honesty, it’s been used so much; it’s now just an annoyance and takes any credibility out of whatever you just said.  People just notice that word too quickly.  Faggot is no longer an edgy word.  It may be an insult to some.
Selfies: thanks to the love of selfies, the selfie stick has been made – a sure sign of the apocalypse.
Is there really a need to capture every single moment?  Are people becoming so self-absorbed that they need hundreds of picks of themselves. 
Political Correctness: people get offended too easily.
The world isn’t as offensive as most would have you to believe.  Freedom of speech
Pushing views: your views are your own – unless someone asks, keep them out of people’s faces.
Why does everyone feel the need to be right and then shove those views in the face of someone who disagrees.
The beautiful thing about people is we hold different opinions.  It would be so boring if everyone agreed. 
The fact that people don’t often approach different views intelligently: I think that says enough.
Too many people believe their assumptions are facts, and they won’t budget even when given proof.
Too many people they can judge and know someone over a short conversation in cyberspace.
End of list 1


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