Mike Myers: The Most Misunderstood Hero of All Time Ep. 1

Poor Mike, always portrayed as the villain.  All the guy wanted was a better life for those he cared about and himself.  In the journey of a better life, he went down the road that led to him becoming the villain of his own heroic tale.  I really feel for they guy.
Was he always correct in his approach.  No, but at times, he was a bit desperate.  He didn’t have the best upbringing – so he didn’t know how to approach the horrible things that kept happening to him.  If he was given guidance, I believe he would be remembered as a hero, instead of a monster.
In order to prove my point, I’m going to be going through the originals and the remake.  This investigation could take a bit.  I hope by the end, I will finally get someone to see how much of a hero Mike Myers really is.


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