Settling for Presented Truths



     Why do most people settle for the facts that are presented to them and make fun of any idea or fact that seems outlandish?  Why don’t more people go out and find their own truths?  Why not take notes and study?  Wouldn’t it be interesting to look at alternative facts and compare them with accepted facts? 
     I believe that the truth lies somewhere between the norm and the crazy.  Too mawny people have settled instead of getting hungry for knowledge.  It’s like we, as humans, are stuck in a stalemate instead of seeing how far and fast we can develop.  We’re making small improvements of what we already have instead of looking for what new idea will make civilization better.  What unique idea will improve life? 


     Granted, we have come quite far in the past few decades; but it seems like we’re slowly coming to a standstill.  Less and less people are following curiosity.  More and more people are settling for things that are given to them instead of using ingenuity to make things for themselves.  Why not strive to be the jack of a lot of trades and the master of few?
     Too many people have turned their brains off and just accepted where they are in life.  The road of ingenuity is an adventurous and spacious one.  Why not take advantage of it?  Life is too short to sit around and do nothing.  Does the world need to end before people decide to wake up and live life?
     Most people shuffle around like zombies trying to make their lives look more interesting than it is to the outside world.  We’re so trapped by technology.  That isn’t necessarily  bad thing.  We have so much information at our fingertips, but most fail to take advantage of that.  Instead we engage in social media.     
     There is no reason why the things we see in the movies (such as, holograms or hoverboards) couldn’t become a reality.  We know more about technology today than those a few decades ago.  Yet the people who lived decades ago dreamed about a reality of the future we failed to live up to.  Perhaps if more people get back to the interest of discovery we can make a better future than present day ever dreamed.



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