The Joker: A Tragically Misunderstood Hero vs. Batman: The Villain in Disguise


Batman is a dictator who dresses himself up as a hero.  He tries to control everything and is unwilling to give up his identity, even when a person’s life is on the line.  He works outside the law and injures innocent people in the process.  Batman has brainwashed his subjects into thinking he is the good guy, and anyone who opposes them is a villain.
The Joker is simply trying to show the people what freedom looks like.  He comes off as crazy, because sometimes you have to be crazier than your competition.  The Joker has the best intentions; he just doesn’t present them very well.  In the Dark Knight, when he trapped those people on a boat with a bomb –  he wasn’t trying to kill a bunch of people.  He was trying to show the goodness of humanity and the possibilities that happen when thinking for yourself.  Batman felt the need to intervene – so people wouldn’t realize the truth. 
Most people will follow anyone with charisma.  It doesn’t matter if they’re an undercover villain.  By day, Batman is Bruce Wayne, billionaire playboy who is loved by most and can get any girl; at night, he is the dictator in black, ready to punish those who don’t follow his rules.  Batman his become a sort of deity – that is why he is able to get away with anything.
By day, the Joker is a disfigured man with paint on his face; by night, he is the same.  The Joker doesn’t hide who he is – that’s why he’s the villain.  People want to be lied to.  They want the pretty picture, the interesting wrapping and the over the top bows.  No one wants the truth, because the truth is often ugly.  That’s why the truth is often villainized; while a lie is often given the hero title.


The poor people of Gotham, so blinded by this mysterious bat.  If one was to speak out against him, they are often cut down.  Amazing how crime sky rocketed and got worse after the Batman came into the picture.  Sometimes people forget who they are supposed to follow, or they start thinking for themselves; so every once in a while, Batman reminds them.  That’s why Batman doesn’t kill his enemies.  It isn’t because of some code.  He needs them in retainer – so he can use them.  The villains aren’t really villains.  They are either heroes painted as villains or props.  The only real villain of Gotham is Batman.



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