A mistakortunity is when you make an opportunity out of a mistake.  Everyone messes up.  Why should we have to pay for it for longer than a few seconds?  Opportunities are everywhere.  Why not make the best of a messed up situation?  Most people wallow in the misery of making a mistake.  Mistakes are just life’s way of showing you an alternate route.  Perhaps the path you were going down wasn’t meant to be.  Perhaps the pain you feel is needed in order to make you into the person you will become.
Don’t just think of a mistake as a mess up.  Instead, think of it as a way to improve yourself.  Use the pain you feel as a reminder to try better next time.  You will mess up.  It is inevitable.  The major part of mistakes are how you deal with them and what you take from them.  Mistakortunity – it’s not the worst thing in the world.


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